Monello Kitten Food 1 Kg

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The new Monello Cat Kitten Salmon & Chicken food is natural – no fake colors or flavors. It keeps its original recipe but adds salmon flour and oil, which are good for kittens’ bodies and brains.

They also help with staying healthy. The food has good proteins, and extras like brewer’s yeast and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) that keep tummies healthy and help absorb nutrients. This means kittens can use all the goodness and have less smelly poop.

The recipe contains taurine, an essential amino acid which helps maintain heart and vision health of the cats.


Monello Special Premium Cat Kitten


Crude Protein (min.)330g/kg (33%)  Crude Fat (min.)120g/kg (12%)  Crude Fiber (max.)35g/kg (3,5%)  Mineral Matter (max.)75g/kg (7.5%)  Calcium (min. / max.)10g/kg – 16g/kg (1,0 – 1,6%)  Phosphorus (min. / max.)8000mg/kg – 16g/kg (0.8 – 1.6%)  Potassium (min.)6000mg/kg (0.6%)  Sodium (min.)2000mg/kg (0.2%)  Omega 3 (min.)3000mg/kg (0.3%)  Omega 6 (min.)25g/kg (2,5%)  Taurine (min.)1000 mg/kg  Saponin (min.)10mg/kg  Vitamin E (min.)200UI/kg  Vitamin C (min.)100mg/kg  Zinc (min.)120mg/kg  Selenium (min.)0.3mg/kg  Moisture (max.)100g/kg (10%)

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