Wellness exam & checkup

In the stress free vicinity of your home and at your preferred time we can easily carry out a complete health check-up and perform all the necessary routine procedures under stress free condition.


‘Check up’ visits are critical for detecting subtle changes in your pet’s physical health. Dogs and cats should be seen at least once every month or more frequently as they get older or have chronic medical conditions. Regular health check visits play a fundamental role in the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach, so please don’t wait until it’s obvious that your pet is in need of veterinary attention. We will check your pet accurately, including inspecting skin and coat health, eyes and ears, listening to his/her heart and lungs, palpating his/her abdomen, we can even take blood  or urine sample if necessary.


Vaccination is very important your little friend as it’s an integral part of “Prevention is better than cure” programme. For peace of mind you don’t have to remember when your pet needs vaccination, instead we will contact you when it’s the right time to make an appointment at your convenience and during this consultation we will assess the general health of your little friend.


Normally every pet has some worm load in his body. These worms usually suck the blood of your beloved friend and resulted into generalized weakness and weight loss. To get rid of these nasty blood sucking and harmful worm, deworm your pet at regular basis. Deworming is scheduled according to age and weight of the animal. 

Flea & tick control

We strongly recommend monthly treatment against external parasites: they can live year-round in your home and garden and some of them (ticks for example) can transmit lethal and nasty diseases. We will implement the right deworming program for your pet according to his age and his health status.

New kitten/puppy check-up

Whenever you buy a new kitten/puppy, always get him checked thoroughly. As he/she may be carrying a disease, which you cannot diagnose and may transmit it to your other pet. So call us as soon as possible so that we can check him/her completely.


During the home visit we will also inspect your pet’s teeth to determine whether or not dental treatment is required. This is particularly important in older pets. This is also a good opportunity to evaluate your at-home dental care program, remember: Teeth cleaning at home are the best way to prevent dental problems in the future.


WEIGHT counseling

Obesity/over-weight is a common problem in dogs and cats in this way the monthly health check-up is a good opportunity to assess dog’s or cat’s body condition. If your pet is overweight we can advise a specific dietetic regimen, exercise plan. On the other hand weight loss can be a sign of underlying health problems, stress or disease and further investigations can be very important.

Eye & ear care

Eyes and ears are important parts of the body. Normally Eyes should be cleaned with some proper eye rinse solution on daily basis to avoid any kind of damage. While ears should be cleaned once in week to avoid excessive deposition of ear wax or any kind of infection of ear. 

Nail trimming

Nails are the integral and also sensitive part of the body. If they are overgrown they can cause damage by penetrating in the body or they may break unequally and may leads to lamness. So nails should be trimmed at regular basis to keep their growth checked and also supplements can be given to improve the quality of nails.