Thanks to better nutrition, regular health check-up, the availability of advanced veterinary care and overall enhanced quality of life our pets can live longer, healthier lives. Ageing is not a disease in itself, but a natural process sometimes characterized by a few chronic health issues which also occur with people: mobility difficulties, heart condition, gastrointestinal problems and so on.

If your cat or dog is more than 7 years old a yearly health checkup can prevent or detect conditions at a very early stage, which often can develop without owner awareness. We can perform a screening programme, taking into consideration the age of your pet, any previous condition and/or treatment they’ve had, and in accordance with our findings tackle in time any disease or implement any action aimed to maintain their wellbeing.

All this without moving your old friend from his/her preferred sofa.

Disease prevention program

Young & older animals both are prone to physiological diseases & metabolic diseases if they are kept in stress. So it’s our duty to keep them healthy & stress free in order to increase their expected life span. You should follow the advice of veterinarian about vaccination & deworming schedule as designed by vet, regular fleas & ticks control treatment should be followed. Balanced diet is also very important in disease prevention program. You can also contact us proper guidance.


Chronic diseases & their management

Medical conditions that cannot easily be cured are termed chronic diseases. Multiple checkups are needed to make sure that your pet is receiving the appropriate treatments. Your pet may need more, less or different medications to help them feel better. Overall it is important to realize with chronic diseases that there is no single simple cure and that management of their condition will require long term treatment and checkups by veterinarian. But by getting your pet appropriate care, they can still live a comfortable and happy life for as long as possible even with their disease.