LA Mito Adult Cat Food

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LA MITO ADULT CAT FOOD is made for grown-up cats to keep them healthy and meet all their nutritional needs. We’ve added more Taurine, a vital nutrient, to help their nervous system grow well.

La Mito Adult Cat food is a complete and balanced option for your furry friend.

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  • Promotes Glossy Coat: La Mito includes the right amount of cellulose to assist in eliminating hairballs, keeping your cat’s fur healthy and shiny.
  • Healthy Urinary System: La Mito cat food is carefully formulated to balance pH and mineral content, reducing the risk of urinary system problems like stones and crystals.
  • Rich in Vegetable Proteins: La Mito stands out with elevated levels of vegetable proteins compared to our other cat foods, offering your feline friend more plant-based protein for their overall well-being.

Dehydrated Chicken Protein (30%), Wheat Flour (22%), Baldo Rice (16%), Maize (10%), Refined Chicken Oil (8%), Anchovy Meal (8%), Krill Meal (3%), Brewers Dried Yeast, Hydrolized Chicken Liver, Anchovy Oil, Nucleotide Yeast Protein, Minerals, Prebiotic Mannan Oligo Saccarides.

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