Josera Renal Cat Food


Is your cat dealing with kidney disease? If so, the right food can make a difference. Our Josera Help Renal is specially made for cats with kidney issues.
Many cats with kidney problems often don’t eat well, but our special dry food is well-liked by them. Josera Help Renal gives your cat the nutrients it needs every day, including important vitamins and minerals. The recipe has less protein and phosphorus, which helps the kidneys. Each kibble has lots of B vitamins that are usually lost more with kidney problems. There’s also nettle in the food that’s traditionally used to help with the urinary tract and inflammation.
This food eases the sick kidneys and helps your cat feel better. Unfortunately, the disease can’t be fully cured, but this food can slow down its progress.

  • Metabolising organs, especially the kidneys, are relieved by the low-protein and low-phosphorus recipe.
  • Rich in B vitamins, which are increasingly lost with kidney disease.
  • Phytogen complex: nettle promotes excretion via the urinary tract.
  • Thanks to high acceptance and energy density, slimming is counteracted and the supply of nutrients is ensured.
  • Salmon oil provides omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory and play an important role in the immune system.


Josera Renal Cat Food


Protein 26.8%  Fat Content 20.2%  Crude Fibre 2.6%  Crude Ash 5.0%  Calcium 0.55 %  Phosphorus 0.45% Magnesium 0.70%

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Weight 2 kg

400g, 2Kg


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