Dican Up Pups Dog Food



Rich in chicken, a source of protein of high biological value. with rice, a source of carbohydrates.
Egg protein, providing essential amino acids.
Milk, a source of calcium for healthy development of teeth and bones.
Coated in liver sauce giving an irresistible flavour.


Dehydrated meats 30% (chicken 12%, turkey 18%), whole grain corn, rice 14%, chicken oil, cereal fibre, ultra-hydrolysed chicken liver 2%, egg, milk powder, carob pods, mineral substances, olives 0.1% and natural plant extracts (sources of natural prebiotics: Cassava 0.02% (Cassava filaments), Camomile 0.01% (Chamaemelum nobile), Melisa 0.01% (Melisa Oficinales), Rosemary 0.01% (Rosmarinus officinalis)).
Nutritional additives/kg: Oligoelements: Iron 200 mg (as ferrous carbonate), Iodine 1.5 mg (as potassium iodide), Copper 13 mg (as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate), Manganese 50 mg (as manganous oxide), Zinc 150 mg (as zinc oxide), Selenium 0.44 mg (as sodium selenite). Technological additives: Preservatives and natural antioxidants.
Protein 30%, fat content 14%, crude fiber 2.5%, inorganic matter 7.9%, moisture 10%, Humidity
10%, calcium 2.2%, phosphorus 1.1%

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