Birbo Premium Cat Mix


Birbo Chiken Beef & Fish, developed to please the cats’ demanding palate. Complete and balanced diet with selected ingredients, animal and vegetable proteins, enriched with vitamins and minerals at levels suitable for adult cats.

Birbo Cats Mix contains Taurine, an amino acid essential to the diet of cats that helps mantains vision and heart health and contains extract of Mojave yucca, which acts at the intestinal level, reducing the odor of feces.

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Birbo Premium Cat Food


Crude Protein (min.)300g/kg (30%)  Crude Fat (min.)100g/kg (10%)  Crude Fiber (max.)35g/kg (3,5%)  Ash (max.)90g/kg (9%)  Calcium (min./max.)10g/kg – 24g/kg (1,0% -2,4%)  Phosphorus (min./max)8000mg/kg-16g/kg (0,8 – 1,6%)  Sodium (min.)3000mg/kg (0,3%)  Taurine (min.)1000mg/kg  Saponin (min.)7mg/kg  Omega 3 (linolenic acid) (min.)1000mg/kg (0,1%)  Omega 6 (linelic acid) (min.)10g/kg (1%)  Moisture (max.)100g/kg (10%)  Metabolizable Energy3750kcal/kg




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