Proline Silica Cat Litter


Proline Cat Litter Silica with Lavender 3.8L

Pro Line Crystal Cat Sand with its special proprietary method completely absorbs the liquid in a few minutes and prevents the formation of bacteria and smell to provide maximum hygienic environment. 1 Pack Pro Line Crystal Cat Kumu can be used for an adult cat without change for 1 month. Thanks to Silicone’s drying feature, your cat always feels clean and happy. Your cat may attract strangers to the new sand at first, and you may be able to get used to it by adding it to the surface of the old sand for a few days.
Pro Line is made entirely of natural Silica sand and does not contain any harmful substances. There is no harm to the environment, it naturally dissolves in nature. Even if your cat accidentally sucks, there is no danger in terms of health.
Product features
Sand Fritile Silica
Thin Shape Slim
Usage Shape Non-lump
Odor Feature Perfumed, Flower Odor

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