Royal Canin Pro Energy HE Dog Food

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Royal Canin Club Pro Energy HE 20kg


Royal Canin Special Club Pro Energy HE dog food is a high quality, complete kibble diet particularly suitable for adult dogs with high performance levels, such as racing, sledging, hunting, rescue or search dogs.
Royal Canin Special Club Pro Energy HE is a hearty dog food rich in energy and with a high content of high-quality fats which is highly digestible and very tasty. It promotes reduced, firm stool.


Grains, meat and animal by-products, oils and fats, plant by-products, plant protein extracts, yeast, fish and fish by-products.
Protein 30%, fat 16%, fibre 2.8%, ash 6.5%, calcium 1.3%, phosphorus 0.95%, moisture 16%, calories 4050kcal/kg

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