Happy Dog Multivitamin Mineral


Happy Dog Multivitamin Mineral


Owners often choose to prepare their dog’s ration themselves, either all the time or just as a change. However, the main components of such diets – meat, vegetables, oil and sometimes rice, potatoes, etc. – on their own do not contain enough of the minerals, vitamins and trace elements that the domestic dog needs. A well-balanced supplement containing these nutrients is absolutely essential.

Special meat-rich rations supply too little calcium. This can be compensated perfectly by giving MultiVitamin Mineral Forte. High doses of trace elements and vitamins contribute significantly to optimising metabolic and immune system functions. They also provide a balanced supply in the long term. This makes MultiVitamin Mineral Forte the ideal supplement to owner-prepared rations containing little bone. It supplies all the other essential vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements, which means that bones do not have to be fed on a regular basis.

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