Monello Adult Cat Food


The new Monello Adult Cat Salmon & Chicken food is made to make picky cats happy and keep them healthy. It has really good stuff in it, like salmon flour and oil, which are like superfoods for cats’ brains and bodies.

This food also helps keep cats’ teeth clean and their breath fresh. It helps prevent issues with their urinary system. The oil in the food makes cats’ skin and fur nice and shiny. The food has tasty pockets that make eating fun for cats.

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Monello Special Premium Adult Cat


Crude Protein (min.)310g/kg (31%)  Crude Fat (min.)120g/kg (12%)  Crude Fiber (max.)30g/kg (3%)  Mineral Matter (max.)75g/kg (7.5%)  Calcium (min. / max.)8000mg/kg – 16g/kg (0.8 – 1.6%)  Phosphorus (min. / max.)8000mg/kg – 16g/kg (0.8 – 1.6%)  Potassium (min.)6000mg/kg (0.6%)  Sodium (min.)2000mg/kg (0.2%)  Omega 3 (min.)3000mg/kg (0.3%)  Omega 6 (min.)30g/kg (3%)  Taurine (min.)1000 mg/kg  Saponin (min.)10mg/kg  Vitamin E (min.)200UI/kg  Vitamin C (min.)100mg/kg  Zinc (min.)120mg/kg  Selenium (min.)0.3mg/kg  Moisture (max.)100g/kg (10%)

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