Josera Urinary Cat Food 2Kg

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If your cat has trouble with pee or staying clean and it’s because of painful urinary stones like struvites, our Josera Help Urinary food is made to help. It stops those stones from forming by making the pee less likely to make them. The food recipe also has less of a mineral that causes the stones and just the right amount of other things that can help. There are special things like cranberry and nettle in the food that can help with pee problems.
So, this food can help break down those stones and stop them from coming back, which makes the cat feel better.
  • Magnesium-reduced recipe for cats.
  • Promotes an acidic urine pH to reduce the risk of struvite stone formation.
  • Balanced protein and phosphorus ratio to counteract the formation of struvite stones.
  • Phytogen complex: Cranberry and nettle are traditionally used as a supplement for urinary tract diseases.
  • Increased sodium content to promote water absorption and thus flushing of the urinary tract.



Josera Urinary Cat Food

Protein 28.2%  Fat Content 12.8%  Crude Fibre 2.4%  Crude Ash 5.8 %   Calcium 0.60 %  Phosphorus 0.45 %  Magnesium 0.65 %

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