Josera Kitten Grainfree Food

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Newborn kittens and their moms need extra attention, especially in the early months. Giving them the right nutrients is really important. JOSERA Kitten grain-free food is made to meet their special needs. It has lots of energy, is easy to digest, and has yummy poultry in it. This helps kittens and their moms stay healthy and grow well.

  • For growing cats and their mothers during the gestation and lactation periods.
  • Easily digestible, grain-free recipe with nutritious salmon oil.
  • The extra portion of delicious poultry for a sensational taste, which even the smallest kittens will love. (corresponds to roughly 140 g fresh meat per 100 g kibble)
  • With special dietary fibre to inhibit the development of hairballs.

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Protein36.0 %  Fat Content  22.0 %  Crude Fibre 2.0 %  Crude Ash7.0  %  Calcium1.35 %  Phosphorus1.05 %  Magnesium0,55 %


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