Energy Kick


Kr├Ącker – Energy Kick
Supplementary feed for canaries with additional energy value. A snack with sesame and banana supplies the canary with all the necessary nutrients he would find in his natural environment. Essential fatty acids and minerals make the canary remain active. Sugar is not used for this unique formula, and the three-time toasting process guarantees a unique meal. The structure of the flasks helps in abrading the beak.

Seeds (oilseed rape 18.4%, flax 5.9%, canary capsule 4.4%, hemp 4.1%), cereals, minerals, vegetable by-products, honey, eggs and egg products, algae.
Humidity of 12.8%, crude protein 16.0%, fat content 13.5%, raw fiber 7.5%, crude ash 7.0%, calcium 1.35%, phosphorus 0.65%
Vitamin A 6300 IU, vitamin D3 930 IU, selenium 0.006 mg, iron 18.39 mg, iodine 0.09 mg, copper 0.82 mg, manganese 0.94 mg, zinc 3.52 mg.

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