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Land Lust Duck Flavor Grain Free Cat Food

Inspired by country life and characterized by respect for nature and animals – this is how the recipe for True Love Landlust Duck is born ! Following the example of nature, Landlust offers a fine, home-cooked full food where the ingredients are sourced mainly from the region. True love Landlust Duck is ideal for demanding and adult cats and is 100% made in Germany. The grain-free food with a very high meat content, plenty of fresh meat and plenty of vegetables, fruits and herbs is gently steamed and provides your velvet paw optimally. The recipe contains 65% animal ingredients, 25% of which are fresh meatfor best taste and optimum supply of proteins. Potatoes as an easily digestible carbohydrate source, carrots and squash, and apples as vitamin suppliers make feeding a real treat for the senses of your cat. Herbs of the garden such as parsley or celery are rich in trace elements and complete the taste. The true love protection concept ensures a perfect all-round supply through a special active ingredient combination. Quality from the country in the highest premium quality from Germany – a must for every cat – because even the cat is what she eats!
Highest premium quality: The delicious cat food recipe for sophisticated, adult cats – rich in duck with potatoes and vegetables – refined with herbs from the farm garden.
Who does not know … the yearning for the little paradise in the most beautiful parts of the country. The lush green meadows, the babbling brooks, blossoming apple trees … the country life, characterized by respect for nature and the animals, ensures absolute well-being. Following the example of nature, Landlust offers fine home-made delicacies from the region for your darling. True to the motto “love goes through the stomach”, nutritionists from MERA have been inspired by rural life and have developed delicious recipes for their baby tigers. True love Landlust with 25% fresh meat and a high proportion of animal ingredients of 65% is based on the species-appropriate diet of the cat, which is naturally carnivorous. The recipe still consists of 35%, vegetables, Fruit and selected herbs and ensures optimal supply of everything your cat needs. The raw materials used were largely sourced from the region for Landlust.
Of course, without the use of grain
• Gently steamed
• Protein 33% / fat 18%
• 100% made in Germany
• Production according to food standard
• Production with green electricity – CO 2 neutral
• Without colorings and preservatives
Cat food of true love Landlust is steamed briefly and gently
So vitamins and nutrients are optimally preserved, flavors unfold particularly well. In order to keep the cat food fresh, a special flavor protection foil in the packaging ensures that it reduces the oxygen content in the pack, inhibits oxidation and preserves the flavors in the cat food. True love Landlust cat food has exactly the energy content that your cat needs. It provides optimal nutrients and is very digestible. Cat food from True Love is healthy food that tastes cats

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