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ALL DOGS: the complete diet for your dog

ALL DOGS is a complete diet for all dog breeds, of all sizes, ages, and activity levels. You simply adjust the amount of food according to your dog’s needs. When choosing an ALL DOGS for your dog, you can be sure that all the nutritional needs of your dog are covered.


Crude protein 22%, crude fat 10%, crude fiber 4%, crude ash 8.5%, calcium 18g, phosphorus 12g, magnesium 1.25g, sodium 4g, omega-3 fatty acid 4.5g, omega-6 fatty acid 36g, iron 150mg, copper 10mg, manganese 10mg, zinc 10mg, cobalt 1mg, iodine 2mg, selenium 0.2mg, vitamin A 15,000 IU, vitamin D3 500 IU, vitamin E 100mg, vitamin B1 8mg, vitamin B2 6mg, vitamin B6 5mg, vitamin B12 0.03mg, D-panthothenic acid 15mg, niacin 20 mg, biotin 0.06mg, choline chloride 700mg, BHA E320, propyl gallate E310, citric acid E330

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